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About Donnie Plunk's Towing & Recovery

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Donnie Plunk's Towing and Recovery offers a broad range of services to get families and businesses across northeastern Louisiana back on the road. From lockouts to flat tires, accidents and collisions, our team of certified professionals understand that when you're dealing with vehicle issues, you want a company you can trust. At Donnie Plunk's Towing and Recovery, we're dedicated to doing the best job possible with the least number of headaches.

Built on a Strong Reputation

In 2004, Donnie Plunk, Mike Joyner, and Caley Joyner formed a partnership when they saw a need in northeast Louisiana for an experienced, knowledgeable towing and recovery company. Their first purchase was an existing company in Rayville, Louisiana, which became Paul’s Towing and Recovery, Inc.

They immediately began adding the larger equipment to the fleet to include two large wreckers. Once this was done, they began updating all of the small wreckers and rollbacks. Shortly into the partnership, they realized that they had outgrown their existing location. To better serve their growing customer base, they decided to relocate the main operations center to West Monroe, Louisiana. At that same time, they became Donnie Plunk’s Towing and Recovery, Inc. The name change was to eliminate any confusion as to who would be responding to the customers’ needs.

Our Promise to You

Everyone at Donnie Plunk’s Towing and Recovery works together to ensure that the commitment to customers and their needs is the top priority. Our team’s biggest goal is to make sure that you can get back to business as usual with as little stress as possible. The future for Donnie Plunk’s Towing and Recovery is bright. The equipment is updated on a regular basis and the fleet is continually growing to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Donnie Plunk grew up in the towing industry. He first began working at the age of 18 for his father, Robert W. Plunk of West Monroe Wrecker Service, a well-known and respected individual in the towing industry. Decades later, he went out on his own and opened Plunk’s Truck Parts and Equipment, which has become the largest salvage dealer in the south, with locations in West Monroe, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi.

Mike Joyner also started in the towing industry at the age of 18. Soon after he entered the field, he began working for Robert W. Plunk, with whom he was employed for the majority of his career. He began as a tow truck operator and, as he gained experience, he moved up in the company, ultimately becoming the supervisor of the rest of the operators as well as the fleet manager for all of the equipment.

Caley Joyner grew up in the towing industry when he began working for West Monroe Wrecker Service at the age of 18. He worked for many years under the tutelage of his father, Mike, and Robert W. Plunk. Caley continued to work in the trucking industry until the opportunity presented itself to form the partnership.